Career Pathways

ACC Career Pathways provide specific course sequencing aimed at simplifying the course selection process for certificate and/or degree completion. Degrees and certificates are offered in eight Career Pathways to help you reach your destination. The following types of degrees and certificates are offered:

  • NEW! Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree (BAS)
  • Associate of Arts (AA)
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
  • Associate of Science (AS)
  • Technical Certificate (TC)
  • Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC)
  • Continuing Education Certificate (CE)


Business & Marketing Icon

The Business & Marketing Career Pathway encompasses business administration, business management, and communications majors. For students wishing to transfer into a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration major, ACC’s business administration degree includes the state approved Field of Study curriculum. If you see yourself as a business owner/manager or working for a big corporation, this is the Career Pathway for you.


Education Icon

If you want to make a difference as a teacher, principal, or childcare provider, consider the Education Career Pathway. This pathway is designed for students who wish to enter the workforce as a childcare provider or transfer to a public college or university that offers educator preparation programs in order to pursue Teacher Certification.


Health Icon

There are many careers within the health science industry, including jobs requiring patient care to laboratory testing and healthcare management. Programs range from several months of study for a certificate degree, to two years of study for degrees that prepare students for the workforce immediately upon completion or towards a Bachelor’s Degree. This Career Pathway will offer students an opportunity to explore and learn more about occupations in healthcare that are seldom considered but offer promising careers and financial stability.


Law, Government & Public Service Icon

This Career Pathway places you on the path to careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, or paralegal studies. If you can picture yourself serving in a courtroom, responding to an emergency, or working as a police officer, the Law, Government & Public Service Career Pathway is for you.


Liberal Arts Icon

The Liberal Arts Career Pathway is designed for those who are interested in careers such as music, art, history, psychology or sociology. This pathway includes general studies for students who have not decided on a specific baccalaureate degree goal, but have a desire to get started. Note, ACC’s Associates of Arts in History offers a Field of Study in Mexican-American Studies.


Manufacturing, Construction & Logistics Icon

Do you like to build or repair things? The Manufacturing, Construction, & Logistics Career Pathway includes continuing education certificates in fields such as machining, pipefitting and welding. ACC also offers an academic certificate in Welding and Automotive.



The STEM Career Pathway represents some of the fastest-growing high-tech fields. If you elect to pursue a career as a Computer Programmer, Process Technology, or Cybersecurity, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Career Pathway is for you.


Tourism & Hospitality Icon

The culinary arts program prepares individuals for a wide variety of entry level positions in the food service industry. ACC’s culinary program provides all of the educational components required for certification through the American Culinary Federation. Students interested in serving the public in this capacity should register for this Career Pathway.